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Posted on Mar 3, 2020

Red Maple Audiology

🌎World Hearing Day 2020 is today, March 3! “Hearing for life: Don’t let hearing loss limit you”.

466 million people are living with hearing loss, and another 1.1 billion young people are at risk of acquired hearing loss from the loud noises of recreational devices and personal audio/music devices (World Health Organization).

Today is all about raising awareness for hearing loss and prevention of hearing loss. Currently, Noise Induced Hearing Loss is the only type we can prevent. Use of Hearing Protection Devices when around loud noise, such as lawn mowers and yard equipment, power tools, machinery and heavy equipment; keeping the volume of your music down and wearing musicians filtered ear plugs while attending live music events, are just a few ways to keep your ears healthy. You may also have other high noise sources in your daily work or recreational activities not listed above where use of hearing protection is necessary.

Did you know it often takes 7-10 years for a person to realize they are having hearing difficulties and to seek treatment? And, most people have never had a baseline hearing evaluation. If you live an active life and are around high noise levels often, talk with your primary care provider about a referral to an audiologist for a baseline hearing evaluation.

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